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Hardware Spec's 

-IDE Connector
-Floppy Connector
-Serial Ports
-Power Supply

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-Remove Noise
-Remove Heatsink
-CPU Clocking

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-Hard Drive
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3Com USB-Ethernet Adapter

Technical Specifications

  • Networking standard: IEEE-802.3 Ethernet

  • Max throughput: 10Mbps

  • Media support: 10BASE-T UTP (CAT 3-5)

  • Protocol 1: TCP/IP

  • NOS Support 1: Microsoft Windows 95

  • Form Factor: external, USB

  • Details: The simplest Ethernet network connection for your Windows 95/98/ME PC

  • Weight, lbs.: 0.9

  • Manufacturer Part #: 3C19250

Product Details

The 3Com USB Network Interface is an out-of-the-box network connection solution that takes advantage of the new USB (Universal Serial Bus) on PCs. Now you can get a network connection-without opening up your PC and installing a conventional network interface card (NIC). The USB Network Interface works with all PCs equipped with a USB port and Windows 98 operating system.

Everything you need to get started is included in one box. The 3Com USB Network Interface comes complete with a USB cable, which plugs into the USB port at the back of your PC, laptop, or notebook; and an RJ-45 socket to attach a standard UTP or STP cable for a 10BASE-T Ethernet connection. You also get an easy-to-follow guide that takes you through the simple point-and-click installation steps so you can be up and running-within minutes.

The 3Com USB Network Interface is completely compatible with standard 10BASE-T Ethernet. It provides the user with an assured high-speed (10 Mbps) connection between PCs-and all the benefits of Ethernet networking.

Although the USB Network Interface is an external device, you won't have to rearrange your desktop to make it fit-it's extremely compact. Plus, the USB Network Interface draws its power from the USB port on your PC so there's no clutter of extra power cords and plugs.

Easy to install. Plugs into the USB port at the back of your PC-no need to open up your PC All-in-one solution. Everything you need to get connected comes in one package, including an easy-to-follow installation guide with point-and-click installation steps Compact and unobtrusive. It won't consume valuable desk space and does not require an external power supply Compatible with most new PCs. Works with any PC equipped with a USB port and Windows 98 operating system Provides the benefits of Ethernet networking. Once connected to an Ethernet network, users can share peripherals, transfer files, share a connection to the Internet, and much more Provides flexibility and increases uptime. The 3Com USB Network Interface can be added, removed, or swapped with other USB peripherals while your PC is up and running Compatible with existing LAN installations. Provides an assured high-speed network connection via standard 10BASE-T Ethernet.


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