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Virgin WebPlayer

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Hardware Spec's 

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Boundless Virgin WebPlayer 200MHZ to 333MHz Internet Appliance
Clocking the CPU

It's a known fact that the WebPlayer can boosted up to 266MHz by removing R97 which is hidden under the heatsink. The value of this 'resistor' is actually zero so in fact it is just a bridge or a short cut. 

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Original Picture @ http://k-ray.netbox.be

If you remove R97 and place the bridge at R98 the clock is set at 233MHz or 7x PCI frequency (33MHz). What is not known (until now ;-) is that other settings could be possible. 
Parts that play a role in this matter are R89,R95,R96, R97, R98 and of course U12, the processor. 
There are 3 signals responsible for the clock setting if you leave out the fixed clock signal SYSCLK which is connected to the PCI clock. 

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Original Picture @ http://k-ray.netbox.be

The clock setting signals are 
CLKMODE2 is set to 3 Volts by means of the pull-up resistor R95.
CLKMODE1 is set to ground by means of pull-down R97.
CLKMODE0 is set to 3 Volts by R89.
R98 can be used to set CLKMODE0 at ground and so R96 can be used as pull-up for CLKMODE1. So 266MHz setting would be in need of R96 to have a good result because most digital signals don't like to be in an undefined state.
R95, R95, R89 (1k ohms) can be used to set CLKMODE2/1/0 to '1'.
R97, R98 (zero) can be used to set CLKMODE1/0 to '0'. There is no place to pull CLKMODE2 to ground.


1  1  1    8x        266MHz
1  1  0    7x        233MHz
1  0  1    6x        200MHz
1  0  0    4x        133MHz
0  1  1    5x        166MHz
0  1  0    9x        300MHz
0  0  1    10x       333MHz
0  0  0    4x for test only!

As you can see by pulling the CLKMODE2 down to ground the WebPlayer can in theory set up to 333MHZ!!

Original posted on http://k-ray.netbox.be

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