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Virgin WebPlayer

-Main Page

-Windows Hack

  -Make your own DOC

Hardware Spec's 

-IDE Connector
-Floppy Connector
-Serial Ports
-Power Supply

Hardware Mod's

-Inserting the DOC
-Remove Noise
-Remove Heatsink
-CPU Clocking

Add Hardware 

-Hard Drive
   -HD Bios-Settings
-Hard Drive LED
-RS-232 Serial Port
-PS2 Keyboard
-External Display


-Suspend Fix

Software Tips

-Terminal Service


- Links


-Original Story 



Boundless Virgin WebPlayer 200MHZ Internet Appliance
How to Insert the DOC

To reinstall the chip, orient the notched end of the chip or the dot such that it aligns with the notch in the socket. This is the same orientation observed when the chip was removed. Carefully match the pins to the corresponding socket positions. Gently press on the top of the chip until the pins begin to slide into the socket. Getting the orientation wrong WILL DESTROY THE CHIP!


All pins must begin moving uniformly into place. Be sure no pins are bending inward or outward. After you are certain that all pins have properly engaged the socket, firmly press on the chip until it is fully seated.

Step 1. Notice Notch on Socket

Step 2. Align with Dot on DOC.

Step 3. Seat the DOC in socket.

Original posted on http://www.i-hacked.com/


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