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Hardware Spec's 

-IDE Connector
-Floppy Connector
-Serial Ports
-Power Supply

Hardware Mod's

-Inserting the DOC
-Remove Noise
-Remove Heatsink
-CPU Clocking

Add Hardware 

-Hard Drive
   -HD Bios-Settings
-Hard Drive LED
-RS-232 Serial Port
-PS2 Keyboard
-External Display


-Suspend Fix

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Boundless Virgin WebPlayer 200MHZ Internet Appliance
Floppy Drive Connector


Clearly there is a Floppy disk interface, but not the usual one with 34 pins, but one with 26 pins as you find in laptops. The table below show the comparison between a normal floppy interface and CN13 together with the pins connected to the I/O chip PC87309IBW/VLJ and the signal names.

 FDD       CN13         	SIGNAL

  2       	13       	DENSITY SELECT (DENSEL)
  4        	-        	not used
  6        	-         	not used
  8        	2        	INDEX
 10      	10       	MOTOR ENABLE 0
 12       	-          	DRIVE SELECT 1
 14       	4     	DRIVE SELECT 0
 16       	-      	MOTOR ENABLE 1
 18      	12       	DIRECTION (DIR)
 20      	14       	STEP
 22      	16      	WRITE DATA (WD)
 24      	18      	WRITE GATE (WE)
 26      	20       	TRACK0
 28      	22      	WRITE PROTECT (WP)
 30      	24      	READ DATA (RD)
 32      	26      	HEAD SELECT (HDSEL)
 34       	6      	DISK CHANGE
  -       	-    	DATA RATE0
uneven pins on fdd connector are ground signal.
pins 1,3,5 of CN13 are connected to each other on the main-
board and should supply the power for the drive.
pins 7,8,9,11 are unconnected.
pins 15,17,19,21,23,25 are VSS/ground signal.

Make a connection between a Laptop-Floppy-Drive and the board with a self-made flatcable.
Connect all pins straight through. So pin 1 on 1,...
Pin 1, 3 and 5 should act as the supply voltage pins, but they aren't connected to a supply signal on the board.
    On the backside of the board there is a spot to solder a fuse: F2 1.1A/40V.
Activate the drive interface in two places in the CMOS setup:
    In main screen I have set the `Legacy diskette A:' to `1.44/1.25 MB'.
    In the Advanced section there is the sub-menu `I/O Device Configuration' and there the `Floppy Disk controller' needs to be set `Enabled'.
After a reset you hear the floppy check.

Original posted on http://k-ray.netbox.be

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