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Randy McNally GPS

How to get a Rand McNally GPS unit working with the WP.

The GPS receiver has 4 wires (Tx, Rx, GND, and +5V) and would otherwise connect to a PC with RS232 serial ports. The WP serial ports are TTL. Rather than using a Maxim part to convert the TTL to RS232 on the WP, then from rs232 to ttl on the GPS,  bypass the TTL-> rs232 conversion all together.

This is the typical flow from PC to a serial device:

ttl -> rs-232 -> rs-232 -> ttl

Wire +5V, GND, Rx and Tx from CN15 on the WP to the 4 pins on the rj11 connector on the back (You can do this, only if you don't need the modem.) 
Then, tack on the 4 wires from a phone cable (with rj11 connector on one end) onto the GPS receiver.
The GPS unit does not have a rs232 circuit driver, but rather transistors to invert the voltages. So lift a pin on the transistor handling the Rx on the GPS and connect Tx from the WP to it, then do the same with Tx on the GPS and Rx on the WP. In the end, you have TTL from the CN15 going to TTL on the GPS.

After installing the Rand McNally software,  hook the GPS receiver to the phone jack on the back of the WP. The Rand McNally software detects the GPS unit and after the 3-5 minutes it takes to locate and lock onto a satellite, everything is up and running.

Note: RS232 enables you to run long distances of cable with no transmission errors. The only draw back to this method is the limited distance of cable between the GPS unit and the WP.


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