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Virgin WebPlayer

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Hardware Spec's 

-IDE Connector
-Floppy Connector
-Serial Ports
-Power Supply

Hardware Mod's

-Inserting the DOC
-Remove Noise
-Remove Heatsink
-CPU Clocking

Add Hardware 

-Hard Drive
   -HD Bios-Settings
-Hard Drive LED
-RS-232 Serial Port
-PS2 Keyboard
-External Display


-Suspend Fix

Software Tips

-Terminal Service


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Boundless Virgin WebPlayer 200MHZ Internet Appliance
Add a PS2 Keyboard

In the middle of the mainboard there is a spot where a connector can be soldered on. CN14 is also called KB CONN, which is wired as follow when you hold the main board in such a way you can read the 'KB CONN CN14' printing: GND KBCLK KBDAT VCC

Original Picture @ http://k-ray.netbox.be

These 4 lines can be connected to a PS/2 mini-din connector:

2 n/c
6 n/c

Solder a PS/2 connector to the mainboard with some flatcable as you can see in the pictures.

Original Picture @ http://k-ray.netbox.be

The IR keyboard that came with the webplayer seems to have a problem with a wired keyboard connected.

Just removing the "IR KB CTRL" chip doesn't work at all. The Webplayer won't boot anymore. There are two pins from the chip that are connected to the ps/2 signals (pins 16 & 18) so just bent them a bit so they wouldn't touch the corresponding pin connector in the chip holder. Now the wired keyboard works just fine without any problems at all. The mouse function of the wireless keyboard keeps working as before.

Original Picture @ http://k-ray.netbox.be

Note: You can have a PS2 mouse connected but then the keyboard doesn't work anymore.

Original posted on http://k-ray.netbox.be

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