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Virgin WebPlayer

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-Windows Hack

  -Make your own DOC

Hardware Spec's 

-IDE Connector
-Floppy Connector
-Serial Ports
-Power Supply

Hardware Mod's

-Inserting the DOC
-Remove Noise
-Remove Heatsink
-CPU Clocking

Add Hardware 

-Hard Drive
   -HD Bios-Settings
-Hard Drive LED
-RS-232 Serial Port
-PS2 Keyboard
-External Display


-Suspend Fix

Software Tips

-Terminal Service


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-Original Story 



Boundless Virgin WebPlayer 200MHZ Internet Appliance
APM Hotfix 05-30-2001


New in 053001...

  • Pushing power button now puts Windows in standby.

  • A test program called LOADER is now included. It allows you to test the driver without permanently installing it. To use, just run LOADER to load the driver, press ESC or reboot to unload the driver.

Random notes...

  • If you have installed a previous version of WPMGXV, please uninstall it first (see below).

  • Make sure you enable Power Management in the BIOS.

  • You must have the Advanced Power Management driver installed. If the Standby option in Start->Shutdown isn't available, you probably don't have it installed. See http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q188/1/34.asp for instructions.

  • If you used the "replace the APM driver with the ACPI driver" technique, remove the ACPI driver then follow Microsoft's instructions above.

  • In severe cases, you may need to re-install Windows to get the Advanced Power Management driver installed again. Maybe someone knows how to force this... ?

  • To install the driver, either double-click on the install.bat, or right-click on wpmgxv.inf and select Install. Make sure you reboot afterwards!

  • To remove, go into the Control Panel, Add/Remove and select "Virgin APM Hotfix." Reboot to complete the uninstall.

  • Enjoy! :)

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